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Plant Rentals

Make it Tropical

Whether you are hosting an elegant wedding, shower, corporate event, grand opening or staging for photography, tropical plants can add the perfect amount of life and energy to a blank space. Plant Life is proven to increase creativity, productivity & mood. Tropicals will be a lovely addition to your event, photoshoot or office.

Types of Plants

Elevate your event space with our diverse collection of floor and table plants. Our Floor Plants, available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large varieties, serve as versatile elements to hide unsightly details, enhance speaking or photo spaces, or add height to table scapes. Imagine the grace of Bird of Paradise, Ficus, Palms, Monstera, and Dracena, ranging from 3 to over 7 feet tall.

For a sustainable and visually captivating table setting, explore our Table Top options. Tropical foliage, including Pothos, Philodendron, Calathea, Ferns, and Tradescantia, offers a chic alternative to traditional decor items. These arrangements, presented in 6"-8" planters, stand at a height of about 12"-24", adding both charm and environmental consciousness to your event.

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