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Commercial Plant Services

Partners in Plants

At Lakewood Plant Company, we are committed to offering expert, local plant services tailored to businesses in Lakewood and the Greater Cleveland Metro area. From design to maintenance, we've got it covered. Discover how our plant services can elevate your workspace, making it greener, more vibrant, and simply better.

Plant Services

We specialize in transforming business spaces into
vibrant green havens. Our commercial services include but are not
limited to the following:

  • Design, Build, and Maintain: Elevate your business ambiance with our end-to-end plant services, ensuring a thriving green environment.
  • Plant Rentals:
    Effortlessly enhance your space for special occasions, corporate
    events, or long-term arrangements with our diverse plant rentals.
  • Plants for Parties and Events: Make your gatherings memorable with our curated plant selection, adding a touch of greenery to any occasion.

Find out how LPC can bring the nature and beauty of plants into your space.

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